The ultimate guide to finding accommodation in Paris

Katherine is spending her year abroad working in Paris! Here is her tried-and-tested insider advice for finding accommodation in the French capital.

by Katherine Cook


Administration Initiation: coping with the CAF in France

by Hattie Reed

Questions about CAF


CAF in France ?

Claiming CAF in France

Hiya,In this article on CAF, it says that the author received 3 payments, despite only spending one semester in France.Hope that helps!The TYA Team


Will I still have student status as a Language Assistant in France?


Hello there,I'll put my hand up and say I don't know that for sure, though you'll still be considered a student here in the UK. Assuming you're going through the British Council's English Language Ass...


PLEASE can someone explain CAF to me?


You do need a French bank account for the CAF to be paid into. You need a lot of paperwork, they will give you a list of the things you need when you go to see them. There's usually a building in the...

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