Interview with year abroad graduate entrepreneur Nick Holzherr

BBC Apprentice Finalist Nick Holzherr founded his 1st company on his year abroad. Here he talks about how his time abroad inspired him to set up his business.

by Global Graduates


Questions about Business


If I work abroad/become a Language Assistant will I fall behind in my 4th y...

Work placement

Hello - in my opinion you absolutely WON'T fall behind in your 4th year if you decide to work abroad or become a language assistant. You'll find that if you put the effort in, your language skills wil...


Where will I go for my Third Year Abroad studying more than one language?


If your degree is 'Business and Spanish' then usually Spanish should be the priority. If a year abroad is integrated into your degree then a year abroad in Spain or a Spanish-speaking country is oblig...


Can anybody recommend a good book for improving business French or German?


Hi,I'm studying a business French module at the moment, and our textbook is called "Vocabulaire progressif du français des affaires" - it's really good if you want to learn about general business eti...

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