Year Abroad Insurance to the rescue!

Year Abroad Insurance to the rescue! RMCI, TYA & QBE

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I’m so excited to announce that not only has just launched, but they have also agreed to come on board as our sponsors!
Here is some background behind this sensational revelation: long, long ago in January 2010, following an influx of complaints from our users about insurance companies not covering students’ particular year abroad plans, we approached the insurer QBE with the idea of creating a bespoke product.

RMCI, the broker leading the project, asked us for a wish list of the policy features we needed, based on the TYA team’s year abroad experiences and those of our members. We wanted a travel and emergency medical insurance policy that we could advertise on, and that would complement the uncertain nature of the year abroad, also giving students the freedom to make the most of their summer holidays before and afterwards.

We worked with RMCI to create a list of possible Qs for the FAQ section which QBE answered, and asked them to create policy documents that would be easy for students to read and understand. Finally, we began thinking about what the site itself would look like.

Whisked along by the wizardry of Navigate Design, we developed a passport-style logo with dark red text and four colourful stamped images representing the principal policy features. After approximately fourteen and a half million tweaks in the pursuit of perfection, RMCI gave a huge sigh of relief and flicked The Switch just in time for to be available for students preparing for the 2011-12 academic year abroad.

With the support of Year Abroad Insurance, TYA are already preparing for big things ahead, the first being the launch of our newly-designed site – watch this space (literally!)

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