That's a wrap! What I will and won't miss from my year abroad in France

That's a wrap! What I will and won't miss from my year abroad in France Things I've learned

This article was written by Hattie Reed, published on 1st May 2012 and has been read 6407 times.

Hattie is a Leicester student who spent the first semester of her year abroad in Paris and now she's coming to the end of her second semester at university in Lyon. Here's what she will - and definitely won't - miss from her year abroad.
It has come to the end of lessons in Lyon already! How has this happened??!!?!?! I have asked myself this several times this week and have come to the conclusion that four months have 'miraculously disappeared' between me arriving dishevelled and tortoise-like from Paris and now - where I am being thrown at pelting speed towards exams and the end of the year abroad. It's the only rational explanation.

And so, all this nostalgia has got me reminiscing about the lessons in Paris and Lyon and, more memorably, the times I have humiliated myself in front of classes full of French students. So...

Here are the bits that I'm really going to miss:

Saying I'm a student at Université de Paris Diderot 7 or Lyon Jean Moulin 3 - they just sound good, don't they? French lectures that make sense Entertaining translation classes on Fridays Having no classes on Mondays!! Telling people I'm from Leicester and them thinking it's exotic Lessons in old, Harry Potter-like university buildings The literature teacher that has the Queen's accent - every lecture is the Queen's speech! Having the Seine on campus Being able to pop into the middle of Paris/Lyon after lectures Having people think I know what I'm talking about in English Lit lessons just because I'm English! Sheep on campus in Paris - good times! Laid back French lessons Laid back French deadlines!

And here are the bits I'll be happy to leave behind:

8am classes 8am grammar classes!! French lectures that really don't make sense. Walking into classes, not recognising anyone, sitting down and then realising that it's actually not my class at all... Studying Mrs Dalloway. Twice. French computer keyboard finger gymnastics THE ADMIN Being asked to define English words and having no idea what the word is The 'commentaire composée' with its brain-ache complexity and nine parts... Annoyingly laid back exam timetables!
Nine months of being a student in France has gone way too fast; I'll be back in 'exotic' Leicester before I know it!

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