Articles and features we really need your help with!

Articles and features we really need your help with! by Cody Geary

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 4th March 2012 and has been read 49532 times.

One of our Twitter followers recently asked where our section for contributors was, and we realised that it might be useful to have a list of articles and features we really need your help with - especially as the majority of our content is written by our members about everything they wish they'd known before they left! Please have a look through and let us know if you'd be interested in helping us... (unless you're an SEO company or professional content writer - no thanks!)


If you would like to write an article for us (to go on the site and add to your portfolio), please email: [email protected] to confirm, and we can check there's no doubling up. Please ensure that you (and/or the interviewee) include the following information:

  • Name 
  • University 
  • Degree course 
  • What you're doing on your international placement and where

With regard to the length of your article and the tone of writing, please have a look around the site at other pieces to get an idea of our style (we love top ten lists, subtitles to divide up your writing and useful links to places or sites you mention) and please try to send in the article within three weeks of signing up for it. 

We're also REALLY keen on video submissions!

Here are some ideas about the sort of articles we're looking for, but we must stress that if you have an idea for a piece that's not on this list, we would still love to hear about it! We're after articles you WISH you'd read before your year abroad, covering the topics you just couldn't find anywhere else, and including all of your personal advice and experiences - after (and during!) your placement. You are an EXPERT on your topic, so we would love to publish your article on our site to help students studying/working abroad during their degree and becoming global graduates.

1. Interviews and case studies

  1. A day (or week) in the life - written in first person, we're looking for Erasmus students, Language Assistants, and students working or volunteering on their year abroad to tell future students a bit more about what a day or week involves. Divided into days of the week or times of day, we're looking for articles that give an insight into your year abroad lifestyle. From deadlines and responsibilities to adventures and nights out, with as many anecdotes and useful tips as possible. 
  2. My year abroad in 5 photographs - can you sum up all aspects of your year abroad in just 5 photos? Please have a go! 
  3. A year abroad with a child - we've had several enquiries about whether or not this is possible, and if there is funding available to support the child abroad. Have you had any experience with this? Could you help us research an article about the whole process involved? 
  4. A year abroad as a married couple - do you know someone who got married at university? It's tricky to work out if you should still take a year abroad as part of your course, but it could be an incredible opportunity - especially if you partner is considering moving abroad as well! We're looking for an interview with someone who's been (or going!) through this. 
  5. Parents - we're after an article you think might have 1) brought your parents round faster to the idea of your year abroad, 2) made them feel happier while you were away or 3) enticed them to come and visit you and treat you for a weekend or two. Interviews would be great too, along the lines of this one.

2. Mole Diaries

The Mole Diaries - we're on the hunt for in-depth insider reviews for our Mole Diaries section - more specifically, we're particularly looking for Moles in: Athens, Budapest, Cairo, California, Geneva, the Hague, Hannover, Krakow, Kyoto, Lausanne, Los Angeles, Marseille, Muscat, Nagoya, Osaka, Oslo, Porto, Rotterdam, Singapore, Sorrento, Yokohama and anywhere else in the US, Malaysia, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Australia, NZ and the Middle East, but please do consider writing a Mole Diary for us wherever you've been! Here's how...

3. Features

  1. An English-Speaking Year Abroad - With options as widely stretched as New Zealand, Maastricht and the US, where is your top year abroad destination for a student who is not a linguist, and how do your options stack up?
  2. Class of 2016/17 - As a current year abroad student, what music have you listened to all year? Which celebrities have constantly appeared in your paper? Which new styles and fashions have popped up while you were abroad? We'd love to get a writer for each country, so please spread the word and get in touch if you'd like to help us! 
  3. Dream Work Placement - Have you got an envy-inducing job on your year abroad? Are you doing something a bit out of the ordinary? Please write for us about how you found your placement, what you're up to there, and any advice you have for other students! 
  4. East Asia -v- the USA - Which would you pick, and why? How do they compare?!
  5. Joint honours? How to improve your first destination language after you get back from your second destination. 
  6. Au Pairing - Have you tried it? What's involved, and have you got any advice about how to make the most of the experience? 
  7. Lost in Translation - this is our Arts, Culture and Language section, we're after articles about your favourite foreign festivals you've been to, funny videos you've seen and inspiring events you have lined up. 
  8. Equal opportunities/Widening Participation - We're very interested in hearing from LGBT students, students who have done a year abroad with a disability and students with mental health issues.   
  9. How to choose your year abroad destination based on your other subject - joint honours students often study a language and another subject, so when you study abroad how do you pick your university? Are there league tables abroad like we have in the UK? Is it a good idea to go a city which is famous for something to do with your other subject? e.g. Brussels for French and Politics students? We'd love your top tips! 
  10. Getting into university abroad if you're not an Erasmus student - sometimes the place you have your heart set on going doesn't offer an Erasmus exchange with your university. So do you give up?   
  11. 10 things I love about.../Top 10 things to do in... - You know those infamous Buzzfeed lists? Yeah, we're love those too!
  12. My City - reflect on your year abroad with a 'My City' article! Check out these my city articles for inspiration.
  13. Degree abroad - we're interested to hear from students who are doing their whole degree abroad. What made you decide to go? Would you recommend it? Please get in touch! :)

4. Have you done a scheme through the British Council?

We're looking for students to write articles about their experience of a whole range of British Council Study Work Create programmes!

Are you doing any of these?!

If you have any other article ideas, please do let us know! We're after top tips and advice for students, based on your experiences, to fill gaps on our site!

Our Mole Diaries are insider city guides written by students about their experiences, filled with top tips and recommendations. Please view our 200+ Mole Diaries arranged by language, and if you'd like to contribute, do find out more about becoming a Mole!

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