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Working in Italy Working in Italy by roevin

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Surface area: 301,341 km²
Population: 59.8 million
Largest cities: Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence.
Unemployment rate: 11.9% (7.9% in the North and 20.2% in the South) (Nov '15).

1. Average Costs

  • 50 m² flat: €500 - 800 per month
  • Loaf of bread: €3
  • Cinema: €6
  • Meal in a local restaurant: €10-20 

2. Where are the jobs?

  • Media and Communications
  • Tourism
  • Finance
  • International business

3. Major Italian companies

4. Tips and advice

  1. As a young person going out, you will probably have more experience than your Italian contemporaries, as they tend to finish their degrees later on (late twenties to early thirties).
  2. It can be quite difficult to land a Marketing or Advertising position if you have not studied these at uni, as most Italians generally tend to look more favourably at qualifications in a particular field rather than experience.
  3. You will have a strong advantage if you speak English, whether you’re looking to work in international business or as a teacher, as it remains a much sought-after language.
  4. Network with people as Italians value face to face contact.

5. Italian job sites

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