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Work in the Netherlands Work in the Netherlands by trinchetto

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Fast facts Surface area: 41,530 km² Population: 17 MillionLargest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, EindhovenUnemployment rate: 5.1% (Mar 2011)

Average Costs

50 m² flat: €600 - 700 per month
Loaf of bread: €1.20
Cinema: €8.50
Meal in a local restaurant: €15

Where are the jobs?


Major Dutch companies

KPMG International - banking/finance
Unilever - personal care
Makro - retail
Kruidvat - pharmaceuticals
Heineken NV - beverages

Tips and advice

- You could try international companies first, by networking with employees at home. Alternatively, send out a speculative CV or email to HR.
- Temping is becoming increasingly more common in the Netherlands, with many large recruiters looking to temporary staff for more permanent roles. 
- Although English is widely spoken, you should still try and practice your Dutch skills before applying, as employers look favourably upon candidates who show willing. 

Dutch job sites


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