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Fast facts Surface area: 83,870 km²Population: 8.2 MillionLargest cities: Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, InnsbruckUnemployment rate: 4.2% (Apr 2011)

Average Costs

50 m² flat: €300 - 600 per month
Loaf of bread: €2
Cinema: €8
Meal in a local restaurant: €10

Where are the jobs?

Real Estate
Tourism (skiing etc)
Social work

Major Austrian companies

Spar Österreich group - retail
Strabag Societas Europa - construction
Trenkwalder International AG - management consultancy and recruitment
ÖBB - Austrian railway company
Siemens Austria - telecommunications and technology

Tips and advice

- As a young person looking to work in Austria, you will probably be quite a bit younger than your academic peers. However, this can work against you - be sure to apply with relevant experience if you’re looking to get into engineering, technology etc.
- It can prove quite difficult to land a job in some sectors if you have a general degree (Arts and Social Sciences). Despite this, you are at an advantage if you hold a good level of German and English - look for jobs in teaching, international companies and tourism.

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