Why you should buy your Year Abroad Insurance early

Why you should buy your Year Abroad Insurance early Banksy by Chris Devers

This article was written by Richard from YearAbroadInsurance.com, published on 20th May 2012 and has been read 8738 times.

We know that getting insurance to cover your year abroad activities is really important – not simply because of all the unforeseen events which can happen, but because your year abroad is a nerve-wracking prospect and having good insurance cover will help you relax and focus on important things like finding somewhere to live, booking your flights and organising a pre-year abroad trip to explore your new country.We asked Richard from YearAbroadInsurance.com to explain why it’s such a good idea to buy year abroad insurance before you buy anything else…

Set the scene for us…

You’ve finally discovered where you’re going for your year abroad, and you’re starting to think about the date you should go out there, what you should do with your summer holidays (both before and after), and maybe even booking flights, courses or accommodation. But have you got your year abroad insurance yet? If you think you’ve got ‘free cover’ from your university, make sure you know exactly what it includes and compare it against other offerings.

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What is year abroad insurance?

You can find year abroad insurance to cover you from the beginning of your Easter holidays until the moment you come back to university for your final year. A good insurance policy will be designed specifically for year abroad students and will cover you working, interning, studying, teaching, volunteering or holidaying anywhere in the world for up to 18 months during that time. You should also be able to travel home as many times as you like!

Can I just get normal travel insurance?

Of course! But we would suggest that you consider insurance that is created specifically for year abroad students, as the insurer will have experience of, and included specific policy benefits to cover many of the problems and pitfalls that students have faced in your position. It’s vitally important to compare and contrast what policies are offering you so that you’re aware of the extent and limitations of the cover.

When should I buy my year abroad insurance?

You should buy your insurance well before you start your trip, preferably at the time you commit any money to travel-related services that could be cancelled. That way you will have ‘cancellation cover’ in place, which is essential for your financial protection should you (or someone else) have to cancel or rearrange your flights, accommodation or transport before departure.

What is cancellation cover?

If you have to cancel, alter or delay your trip, the cancellation cover will protect you against financial loss in respect of items you have already paid for or are contractually required to pay.

How could NOT having cancellation cover affect me?

Here are a few examples…
1. Flights
If you book your flights and they are cancelled (think: snow, terrorism, strikes or delays) or you have to cancel them (think: illness – yours or a close family member’s) you will lose your money unless you have bought cancellation cover first.
2. Accommodation
If you pay for accommodation in advance and you can’t go, you will lose whatever you are contractually required to pay unless you have bought cancellation cover first.
3. Holidays
If you book any holidays before or after your year abroad (like a celebratory post-exam package trip) and you can’t go, you will lose whatever you are contractually required to pay unless you have bought cancellation cover first.

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