Jobs and the year abroad: where could you work

Jobs and the year abroad: where could you work Student work abroad by topku

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If you are one of the many who choose to work on their year abroad, you’re bound to be worried about what to do, where to go and where to apply for work. Thinking about which sector to work in, which skills you’d like to polish and how much of your language you choose to work with will be crucial decisions when it comes to determining your ideal placement. Do you want to work in an international corporation or a small company; do you want to work more on your language or on your professional skills; do you value the location more than the job itself...So many questions and so many hoops may feel a little overwhelming. Find out which jobs you could go for on your year abroad with the following ideas...

Media and advertising

If you would like to work in writing or int he creative world, this is the sector for you. Choose to intern in one of the great advertising companies, like Ogilvy, BBH or Publicis, with positions across the globe. Why not try and see if you can break into the world of media, from sales positions to researching roles, to writing or broadcasting? Turner Broadcasting offers a range of channels to choose from, from internships to jobs. Contacting local radio channels might unearth some goodies, so you should check out whether your chosen destination has a local radio station.


Some students choose to look into banking internships for their year abroad. Your best bet is to check with international banks, like Santander, HSBC, Barclays and BNP Paribas to name but a few. Make sure you fill the requirements beforehand and start applying ASAP as this sector is incredibly competitive, with deadlines closing earlier than others. Following blogs, such as this one and reading eFinancial Careers for Students will ensure you stay on top of the game, when it comes to scoring your perfect internship, abroad, in the finance industry.


A popular sector for graduates, the world of PR has a lot to offer the year abroader. First of all, you can get a foot in the door, if it’s a career you would like to pursue later on. Second of all, it’s perfect networking ground if you’re looking to get to know important people, from journalists, to CEOs to the next big thing. If you’re good at talking, respond well to pressure, know how to pitch an idea and have great social skills, this is the ideal internship for you! Burson-Marsteller, Weber Shandwick and Edelman are popular PR agencies, with offices worldwide. You could just as easily be working in Madrid as you could Buenos Aires, or New York...Smaller PR agencies do exist, so check online around your area for potential contacts.

Tourism and hospitality

An obvious choice for many, but nonetheless, an ever-growing industry offering all sorts of jobs and services, this sector offers great internship possibilities. Whether you’re interested in marketing, working on reception, guiding guests through the resort or working out spreadsheets, tourism and hospitality will have a job for you on your year abroad! Choose whether you’d like to work with a smaller tourism agency in a rustic town or intern at the greatest hotels across the world to polish up your CV during your time away. Become a snorkeling instructor in the Caribbean, show the archaeological sites of Egypt to tourists, work your way round the fantastic restaurants of Paris - the choice is up to you!


Thanks to qualifications like TESOL, you can work in a variety of schools across the globe, getting more teaching experience as you do so. Whether you choose to work as a language assistant with the British Council, or find your own path teaching independently, this is a great path to follow for those who aren't sure whether they would like to go into teaching, or, on the other hand, want to get some experience beneath their belt, before embarking on a PGCE. Both TESOL and the British Council offer the chance to work across the globe, so you could just as easily be teaching aside the ruins of Mexico or in a cute Italian village!

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