What to take with you on your flight

What to take with you on your flight Backpacker by R.W.W.

This article was written by Arthur Reagan, published on 3rd October 2011 and has been read 4413 times.

You’ve booked your travel, going with X airline to your chosen destination and you’re pretty excited. Now you’re all packed, suitcase-wise, having picked your best gear to go explore the world of the year abroad, you just need to sort out your hand luggage. Just what do you bring on a long-haul flight? How do you fill out 8+ hours of chair, window, noisy brat in front and skyline for company? Here our top must-have items to help you through it:
1) i-pod
Pick some relaxing tunes, your favourite rock anthems or some jazz numbers to fill your hours. You could also download a podcast of your favourite radio presenter, or why not try getting hold of your favourite book on audio file? Bringing an mp3 for the ride will make your trip just that little bit better, especially since most of the radio channels on-board tend to be quite dire. You can only listen to Rihanna sooo many times, afterall. Just remember to charge the thing BEFORE you leave. Ha, not that we’ve ever gone without battery life, ahem, ahem. 

2) Laptop
Bringing your laptop with you on your year abroad is a good idea in itself, on a long-haul flight, it can be a veritable lifesaver. Why? Because you can watch movies of your choice, listen to music without sapping the battery life out of your mp3 player, you can edit your photos, work out a schedule for your time abroad, a budget or even work on a document you’d saved. Some flights have internet available for a small fee, taken from your Skype credit, so you might even be able to speak to your loved ones, surf the net or write an email if you so choose. 

3) Lip balm
This goes for both sexes; when you’re high up in the sky, you will suffer dehydration and will be in need of a liquid pick-me-up, as well as something to keep your lips moist. Yes, you could snog the face off your neighbour but what if they’re not that way inclined? Pack a small tub of lip balm and your lips will be on top form when it comes to saluting your new friends/family on the other side. 

4) Layers
It’s no joke, it gets mighty cold on flights. Daytime ones, too. It’s a good idea to come prepared and refrain from wearing skirts/shorts with flip-flops, just because you’re off to hotter shores. Trainers or comfy shoes, with a cardigan or a hoodie for extra warmth will do the trick. Loose trousers will also feel like a god send. Fact: celebrities look good in front of the cameras, but really, we all know they kick off their heels or high-fashion outfits when they get on their flight.

5) A decent book or stack of magazines
Even if you’re not much of a bookworm and you only ever liked the pictures, it’s a good idea to bring decent reading material on your flight. Why when the airline supplies you with its very own magazine and travel review? Because, on the whole, they are pretty bad. And by pretty bad, we mean there are at least 10 pages for every 50 filled with adverts. Sure, it might be fun to see just how many ways there are to slice an apple with brand new gadgets and gizmos, but that’s just for the initial half hour. You’ll be dying to feast your eyes on your own interests so bring something you enjoy.

6) Gum
You might want to have a chat with the person next to you, except you’ve gone to sleep for 4 hours and your breath doesn’t smell its best. Also, it keeps your mouth busy. An added bonus is the fact it unblocks your ears when you’re high up, in case you’re in a little pain. Great conversation starter, too, if you ever needed one.

7) Some sweets or chocolate from the duty free lounge
Flight food can be pretty dire, so it’s a good idea to stock up on some treats before you take off. Chances are the country you’re going to won’t have Rowntree’s fruit gums or Bassett’s Jelly Babies. Come prepared!

8) Your favourite game
Whether it’s an app or a pack of cards, playing your favourite game will help you pass the time and you may even make some new pals out of it. A great way to forget you’re on a long-haul flight!

9) Make up your own freshening up kit
It might sound quite special, but it’s a good idea to have some basics to help you freshen up during your flight, so you get to your destination smelling like roses (almost). Bring a toothbrush, some toothpaste and a small bottle of face cream and you should be fine. Make sure you check what the allowances are for hand-luggage items or you might feel a slight sting at the airport, if customs ask you to remove a few items.

10) Trusty notebook and pens
Always fun on an airplane as you can draw, scribble and write down your thoughts or jot down key places to go to from your guidebook, as you’re on-board. Write down a list of what you have to do, draw out a make-shift map or whatever you feel may be of use to you once you’re on the foreign tarmac/ help you pass the time in-flight.

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