6. Web development highs and lows

6. Web development highs and lows Winners' Vow

This article was written by Fiona Timba, published on 10th December 2012 and has been read 25830 times.

Here is the latest update from the wonderful team at Packed Munches. Find out about web development, funding and market research as the startup business's website gets underway...

Landing page

So the last few weeks have been full of highs and lows. We’ve been working on a few projects the first of which was designing our website. Technically we’ve been designing two websites. The first website that we needed to have was a landing page. This is essentially somewhere that our customers can go before we’re up and running and register their interest. If you intend to market your business before you are ready to launch, it may be worth considering investing in creating a landing page. It should represent and communicate what your business stands for and allow you to build up a database of potential customers. Our wonderful designer was able to interpret our ideas brilliantly to produce our landing page. Unfortunately, as should be expected with starting any business, the landing page has not been without its fair share of drama. Website technical issues meant we spent the last two weeks without our landing page but after a long email trail between us and our developer the problems were resolved. This is the unglamorous and stressful part of setting up your own business that people don’t really talk about. No doubt this is the smallest of hurdles we’ll have to overcome but don’t worry, we’ll share them all with you.


The second project, our regular readers will know, was the Shell Livewire UK Grand Idea Awards. In our last post about funding we mentioned that one way of raising funding is to enter business competitions such as the one above. This is something we did and thanks to everyone who voted we were selected as one of the winners! So a big thanks to everyone who voted for us and if you didn’t see our winning video but fancy a few laughs you can see our outtakes for the video below:

To anyone thinking of starting a business on their year abroad, this is something I would definitely recommend. The award is targeted at innovative ideas and most year abroad business ideas tend to be! If anyone is thinking of applying and would like information and help feel free to contact us.

The website

As you can see from our Winners Vows (main image) we’re planning on using the grant for our launch website. Designing a website from scratch takes a lot of planning and we’ll be talking about that some more in our next post.

Market research

Finally we’ve been continuing with our market research (see our earlier post on market research). We’re getting some interesting feedback from our survey and we’ll be sharing the results with you soon. We’ll also be selecting one entrant at the end of next week to receive a sample munch box so if you haven’t completed it and want to be in with a chance of winning be sure to complete the survey!

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