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Vintage Vienna Vienna Street Scene by reivax

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Vienna, Austria - Christmas markets, mulled wine, cake  The social scene in Vienna is a bit introverted, but once you make friends (especially using your Erasmus/university links which I found very helpful, and also other friends' flatmates and your own!) then you'll make loads more and they're SO welcoming – just say yes to everything!  Vienna is also a gorgeous city with fantastic countryside for skiing (in winter) and cycling (in summer). It's also really close to places like Prague and Budapest (definitely worth a visit!). And contrary to popular belief it’s NOT more expensive than the UK - rent costs, for example, are MUCH cheaper!  I had the chance to travel while I was there and visited Germany, other parts of Austria (excellent rail network with Vorteilskarte), Prague, Budapest and drove to Holland.

Useful local words: ‘Sackerl’ (plastic bag), ‘tschuessi bussi baba' (bye), ‘gemma’ (let's go).

What not to pack: The cookbooks that weighed down my suitcase.

What to pack: An adaptor, warm clothes.

Couldn't have done without: Documents of all shapes and sizes.

Word of advice: Copy out your favourite recipes and take a notebook with you instead!

Ellie, History and German, Oxford University


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