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Vivacious Verona Verona by Tomato Geezer

This article was written by Sophie J Green, published on 30th March 2010 and has been read 21725 times.

Verona, Italy - historic, studenty, beautiful, peaceful, relaxed  You don’t have to have been in Verona for very long to start bumping into people you know everywhere you go, it's a small city with a very studenty area in Veronetta, east of the river. The historic centre is gorgeous although full of coach-loads of tourists and school children in the summer. Rent is cheap, and if you get away from the tourist trail, food and drink is also very reasonably priced. ‘Campus’ on Via XX Settembre is the centre of most Erasmus students’ lives but there's loads of smaller, more hidden bars- Art Caffe on Via Trezza is very chilled and does 4 euro cocktails on Sundays for students. Club nights are not weekly and most take place outside of the city so taking a bus, run by the club, is necessary to reach them. The majority of socialising actually takes place in people’s apartments or in pubs. Verona’s location makes it easy to visit Lake Garda and various seaside resorts during the summer, and skiing in the Dolomites or at Malcesino is 2-3 hours away by bus or train. Venice, Milan, Brescia and Bologna are all within easy reach, meaning there's scope for many potential daytrips and there's a variety of airport choices open to you.

Guidebooks don't mention these, but you should take note of:
1) the view from Castel San Pietro, worth the climb and a great picnic spot;
2) the university Mensa- good food for bargain prices at both lunchtime and in the evenings, 7 days a week;
3) Spritz - the luminous orange colour of this popular local beverage makes it hard to miss, it is made with prosecco and aperol bitters which form a sour drink very popular with local students, perfect for enjoying on a quiet evening sitting outside in one of the many piazzas.

Useful local words:

What not to pack: Your socks and sandals - you don't want to look like the average tourist!

What to pack: A pocket Italian dictionary.

Couldn’t have done without: My chiavetta or internet stick- lots of apartments in Verona still don’t have the internet.

Word of advice: Speak to professors of potential courses right at the beginning of the semester to check that the course will be suitable for Erasmus students.

SJG, Italian and English Literature, Edinburgh University

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