Venice-La Serenissima

Venice-La Serenissima by wanderlasss

This article was written by Henrietta McCormick, published on 4th April 2010 and has been read 21161 times.

Tiziano Scarpa, writer of the alternative guide to Venice: 'Venezia è un pesce' (literally, Venice is a fish) describes Venice from an alternative point of view. He wrote his guide dividing it into different sections such the heart, the eye, the legs, the hands, the mouth etc. Indeed, Venice is a city which awakens all senses and gets under your skin. Once you live there for a while, part of you remains there forever.

This city is unique in many ways. Imagine a maze, divided into tiny, narrow, winding roads, where action is all around. Whilst walking around the 'calle' over bridges and round corners, its buzzing life never ceases. At night time, the streets are reminiscent of different kinds of art such as: literature (Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities') poetry (Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice') to films ('Casanova', 'Don't Look Now'). Venice is a mixture between sheer natural beauty, magic and mystery. Sounds cliche, but Venice is a cliche in itself. Full of history and culture, it's a place with a lot on offer. If walking is not your thing, imagine taking a Vaporetto (water bus) to your work place or lectures everyday! Slow but a somewhat charming way of getting around the city, the Vaporetto is a very relaxing and a typically Venitian way to get around. In fact, its slow and relaxed atmosphere, is where the city got its nickname, 'La Serenissima' (Serenety) from. This City is (usually) not a party town but there is a good student life and in the evening, students gather in the likes of Campo Santa Margherita or at Realto for a 'Spritz', a typical Venetian Apperitivo!

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