The dark horse: Valenciennes

The dark horse: Valenciennes Vue du pont Jacob (Valenciennes) by tihaunted

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 15th February 2010 and has been read 16220 times.

Valenciennes, France - dull, but fantastic after effort The place was really great; I had to make an effort but I made a lot of really great friends, mainly the French people living in my area, other language assistants, and their friends.  I travelled to Belgium at every available opportunity though - Belgium is fantastic fun and, in hindsight, I maybe should have considered it for my year abroad destination. What you choose to do while you’re away probably isn't that important though. I didn't enjoy my work that much (though other assistants definitely did) but my year abroad was incredible nonetheless because of the experiences and the people... you just have to always be motivated and make the most of it.

Useful local words: ‘Biloute’ (pal, chum, mofo), ‘ça drache’ (it's raining), ‘hein?’ (necessary filler added to the end of any sentence).

What not to pack: Pots and pans.

What to pack: A decent mid-season jacket.

Couldn't have done without: My notebook, speakers and a dictionary.

Sophie, French, Oxford University

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