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Where to start? With such a small country packed with so many eccentricities? Tea, biscuits, pickle, the Queen, castles, Mr Bean, glorious countryside, Mini Coopers, cider, traditional pubs, old townhouses, Carnaby Street... this island flung on the northern side of Europe has a lot to answer for in terms of popular culture, habits and customs.
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Why should I choose the UK for my year abroad?
Whether you want a taste of British cuisine (yes, it does exist — Yorkshire pudding anyone?), walking uphill in trendy Bristol, going mad in Europe’s most cosmopolitan city, London, or surfing in Cornwall, Blighty will treat you just right, and have a cuppa brewing for you once you head home. Museums, galleries, pubs, clubs and everything in between will keep you more than entertained. Visually stunning, culturally exploding and socially happening, you’d be hard pushed to find somewhere on Earth so exciting to land.

The UK may be expensive for many, but what you’ll get out of it will be well worth the extra cash; you just have to be savvy with your money. But don’t let the horrific price of transport (amongst other things) stop you from settling in; most museums are free, as is education in some parts, and if you’re working, you’ll be earning for your keep and that extra fish and chips on a Friday evening. So pack up your camera, invest in some woolly jumpers and set off for an experience to remember! Now, where has that umbrella gone?

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