Non-language university courses which include a year abroad

Non-language university courses which include a year abroad

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The year abroad is not just for linguists! There is an absolutely HUGE range of UK university courses for scientists, humanists, artists and mathematicians which include a year abroad.
Just imagine - you spend two years studying Marine Biology in Essex, and then finally your exams are over and you jet off for a whole year in a new and inspiring location, studying your chosen subject in English but from a fresh perspective, meeting students from around the world, getting international work experience for your CV and making useful career contacts - it really transforms your degree from ordinary to unique, especially in the eyes of future employers! And it's seriously good fun.

If you're nervous about the idea now, remember that in 3 years' time, you will be more confident, more independent and more ambitious, so don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime by picking a course without a year abroad! 

Here are 100 reasons why you should go for it, and here is a really useful list of all the UK university courses which include a year abroad.

These are our Favourite Fifteen (in no particular order):

1. Zoology with a Year Abroad (Exeter Uni) 

2. Oceanography with Study Abroad (Southampton Uni)

3. Aerospace Engineering with a Year Abroad (Leicester Uni)

4. Ancient World with a Year Abroad (UCL)

5. Criminology and the Media with a Year Abroad (Essex Uni)

6. Animal Behaviour with a Year Abroad (Exeter Uni)

7. History of Art, Archaeology and Tibetan with a Year Abroad (SOAS)

8. International Development with a Year Abroad (Essex Uni)

9. Physics and Astrophysics with Study Abroad (Sheffield Uni)

10. Mathematics, Cryptography and Network Security with a Year Abroad (Essex Uni)

11. English and American Literature and Creative Writing with a Year Abroad (Kent Uni)

12. Sports and Exercise Science with a Year Abroad (Essex Uni)

13. Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a Year Abroad (Nottingham Uni)

14. American and Canadian Studies and English Literature with a Year Abroad (Birmingham Uni)

15. Marine Biology with a Year Abroad (Essex Uni)

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