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Whether you're a sixth former researching which university to choose, a foreign student coming to the UK for your year abroad, or a current student at one of these universities; this section is all about the year abroad programmes and support networks they offer.Here is the constantly-growing list of universities we cover on the site...
University of Aberdeen Aston University University of Bristol University of Cambridge Durham University Exeter University University of Edinburgh University of Oxford University of Southampton University College London

For more information

Read the UK Uni Verse - a roundup of all UK Universities' latest news stories. Find out how Universities use Twitter to help you on your year abroad.

Things to think about

Does the course you're considering offer a year abroad programme? Will you be restricted to studying at one of a small group of selected universities, or can you apply anywhere, get a job or volunteer abroad? If you want to study a language, is your course more focused on the country's language or literature? Is it a respected course? Check out The Guardian's UK University League Table 2014 to find out. Will you have to take exams abroad, or will your grades be based on a year abroad project? A standard Modern Languages degree in the UK is four years, and if you study in Scotland you'll finish with an MA not a BA. If you do a joint degree (e.g. French and Economics), you'll gain language skills PLUS a workplace skill - but it's hard work... Visit our Forum to discuss these points further.

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