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University of Central Lancashire UCLan by The Guardian

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The University of Central Lancashire's main campus is located in Preston, in the northwest of England. Preston is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with lively nightlife and a buzzing arts scene. less than an hour from Manchester and Liverpool, and within half an hour of Blackpool. UCLan's international exchange programmes give you the opportunity to study or work across the globe within Europe or further afield.

This could see you studying at UCLan Cyprus as part of your degree, or at one of our 67 European partners, in 19 countries, through the Erasmus+ scheme. Alternatively, you can study further afield, as far as Australia, China, Canada, India, or the USA, as an exchange student with one of our world-wide partner institutions, for a semester or a year You’ll be assessed in similar ways whilst abroad as you are at UCLan. Study undertaken and passed abroad will be credited to your UCLan degree. Therefore, a year abroad or semester abroad will not result in extending the length of time it takes to complete your degree.

For more information, check out UCLan's Study Abroad website and their site for students.

To get in touch, the address is:
UCLan International Office
 Westleigh Conference Centre
 Lea Road
 PR4 0RB

email: [email protected]

phone: 01772 895024

And you can find them on Facebook.

Last, but not least, here are some of UCLan's students talking about their experiences.

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