Tranquil Tuebingen

Tranquil Tuebingen Vista típica de Tübingen by _Asane_

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Tuebingen, Germany – beautiful, Medieval, nature, mountains, punting  Tuebingen university admin does expect you to find your own way around and not that much help was given; but you soon learn to speak the lingo and make a few friends with German students! The social scene isn't that amazing, though there are a handful of really cool bars and clubs. The town itself is really pretty and the people are friendly, so staying in with a beer and friends tends to be the new going out! While I was there I visited nearby towns such as Esslingen, Stuttgart and Munich and I crossed the border to Basel in Switzerland.

Useful local words: 'fett', 'alda'.

What not to pack: Too many clothes as you can get some relatively cheaply in bigger towns.

What to pack: Your student card!

Couldn't have done without: My camera!  Photos of family in case you get homesick and a mini dictionary, just in case.

Word of advice: Organise your home university paperwork before you go on your year abroad!

AJ, Linguistics with German, Newcastle University

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