Sumptuous Seville and Trendy Toulouse

Sumptuous Seville and Trendy Toulouse Seville by Trent Strohm

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 10th May 2011 and has been read 4663 times.

Nick spent his year abroad in Toulouse and Seville. Read on as he fills the year abroad blanks...
My name is: Nick

I'm studying: French and Spanish at King's College London

For my year abroad I went to: Toulouse - 6 months, Seville - 6 months

While I was there I: Studied on the Erasmus programme.

Five words to describe my year away are: Exciting, frightening, educational, full of freedom.

My top tips for anyone going there are: In Seville, always take a siesta and be prepared for a late night. And be prepared for the heat. In Toulouse, always walk down the backstreets to find the best restaurants. And take an umbrella in winter.

The cleverest people find accommodation: Online.

Don't leave without: Sunscreen for Seville, umbrella for Toulouse.

The best night out is: Café Populaire in Toulouse. Calle Betis in Seville.

When your parents visit: Cathedrals and town halls, they love to see that you're being cultural.

My favourite lunch place: University cafés are always full of lively young people.

My best place for a hot date: A quiet local bar where you can talk and drink into the night.

On a Sunday: Check out the market in Toulouse. Sleep off the night before in Seville.

If you want to fit in quickly, you should: Tell the locals that their city has more character than Paris/Barcelona.

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