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Trendy Toulouse Toulouse Place de Capitole by ktylerconk

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Toulouse, France - student orientated, lots to doThe studenty vibe in Toulouse is fuelled by lots of clubs and bars to go to, making it easy to meet other people.  The DEUE at Toulouse I is very good and full of other Erasmus students. University halls are extremely basic with no cooking facilities at all so I wouldn’t recommend them – bearing in mind that Toulouse is a very student-orientated city, there are loads of possible people to share accommodation with, just make sure your flatmates are native speakers so you can pick up their expressions and accent!  It will be a VERY useful conversation point when it comes to your final exams.
p>Useful local words: 'Nan mais dit', 'bah ouais', 'keski fout?' ('qu'est-ce qu'il fout?').


What not to pack: Phrase books, you'll learn as you go along.

What to pack: My rain coat for the Winter and shorts for the Spring.

Couldn't have done without: My monthly bus/metro pass.

Word of advice: Colocation is a useful site for accommodation - if you find somewhere, go and see it a few months before you move there so everything’s ready for when you arrive.

DL, Common and Civil Law with French, Queen’s University, Belfast


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