3. Top Tips For Logo Design

3. Top Tips For Logo Design

This article was written by Fiona Timba, published on 25th October 2012 and has been read 20247 times.

Once we’d come up with the name ‘Packed Munches’ I was eager to get going with the logo design. The logo is a massive part of your branding as it stands at the forefront of your product or brand. Luckily a colleague of mine had recently gone freelance as a graphic designer so she was the first person I turned to. Sandra Ortuno has a great eye for detail and as we’d worked together before she understood me and the way I explained things. Here are our top tips for creating your logo...
1. Think about your font
Whether your logo is just your brand name or includes an image, there will most likely be some text in it. Whilst designing our logo I came across this funny video which shows you just how important picking the correct font is.

2. Make it you
The logo needs to represent everything that your brand stands for. After watching the video we were sure that the font needed to be simple, chunky and rounded to represent the light-hearted foodie happiness that our brand stood for. We also decided on using just the company name as our logo. We are very proud of our name so want to push it as much as possible.

3. Don’t forget colour
Picking the right colours can be hard. You can find clear guides online which will tell you the different emotions that certain colours evoke so this can work as a good foundation. One thing that we found difficult was to steer clear of the fashion pack. Colours go in and out of fashion all the time – for example purple and maroon seem to be very big in the shops right now. It’s easy to think that a current popular colour is the best thing for your brand. But remember, you want longevity. When purple becomes ‘so last year’ you don’t want to be lumbered with a logo that looks like it’s struggling to keep up.

4. Only you know your brand
I think the best person to design your logo is you. Only you really know your brand, so don’t be afraid to start sketching out ideas of what you want it to look like. We knew we wanted to add a whimsical twist to the font that we could carry through in all of our designs. Despite being categorically told not to consider taking art A Level, I took to pen and paper to start planning and came up with a few drawings. By doing this, I came up with the idea of having bite marks in the font to make it look as if someone had been munching on our logo.

5. More is less
The more information you can give to your designer, the less it will cost. Many designers charge by the hour, so if you can go to them with a clear idea of what you’re after they’ll have less work to do. We went to our designer knowing the type of font, colour and design we were after, making her job easier and our keeping pockets intact!

See our logo in action at www.packedmunches.co.uk

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