Top 10 Year Abroad Cities for Singles!

Top 10 Year Abroad Cities for Singles! Love Abroad by Stephen & Claire Farnsworth

This article was written by Camille Drake, published on 11th February 2011 and has been read 12814 times.

If you’re going off on a year abroad and haven’t a girl/boy to your name, fret not dearest singletons. Relationships when you’re going off for a semester/year can be quite hardcore. Some pull through, some don’t; but that’s not who this article is directed at. It is for you, young French-kissing aficionados. This article is for all those lonely hearts out there that want to spend the best year abroad, without any romantic ties back home. But where to go is the real question, with so many great cities on offer? Here’s a top ten of our favourite cities, tried and tested with year abroaders...
1) New York Baby
Hell yeah, want a city that never sleeps, always has a (good) bite to eat and some amazing culture/clubs/bars/parks/restaurants in between? The Big Apple is where it’s at, trust us. So many cultures, so many people and so many hot dates to be had. Get an internship and you’ll get some cash to go to fancy cocktail bars; go to study, and you’ll get all sorts of spicy little hot things coming into the library. Oh yes, this is a singleton’s paradise.

2) Rio de Janeiro
You’ve heard the rumors and seen the pics. This is the country to go to for outstanding bodies, great music you can shake some seriously hot moves to, and have a caipirinha waiting for you on the side. Oh the drama, oh the heat, oh hello the amazing nights out. A buzzing economy and some seriously good unis make this city a veritable haven for any Portuguese speakers in search of a sensational year abroad.

3) Paris
How could we not? The buildings, the cute little cafés, the gorgeous pain au chocolat, the stylish men and women...Honestly, it’s enough to make you dizzy with romance and roses. Regardless of what’s said about clichés, Paris is still a very, very wooing city. Whether you go for the lifestyle or the people, this is a great place to be.

4) Cape TownCape_Town_by_nickgraywfu
So maybe not an obvious choice, but if it’s good enough for Prince William’s stag do, it’s good enough for us. Besides, beach, sea, cool bars and sunshine is bound to get your flirt on and make the most of what’s out here.With loads of sports on offer, wicked coastline and top universities here, you won’t be short of things to do on and people to meet!

5) Buenos Aires
Imagine a country where going out is pretty cheap, clubs are open all hours and there’s so much to do, you’d have a tough time deciding which going out option is the most tempting: eating, drinking, dancing, theatre-going, walking...Pretty much any activity can be done here, for a fraction of the price. And you’ll get to practice your Spanish on any boy/girl you meet. With such a cosmopolitan background to its ancestry, the people of Buenos Aires have European roots mixed in with South American genes. And when you add their reputation for schmoozing and being good at romancing in the equation, you’ve got yourself a killer year abroad destination greeting you with open arms...

6) Berlin
Now this is what we’re talking about - a city that has so much art, music and culture, it’s hard to know which neighbourhood to choose from, when it comes to picking your accommodation. The Germans are not cold - Berlin’s proof of that. With such a vibrant mix of people and art, it’s no wonder this is a top destination for anyone who gets turned on by being wined and dined in a modern setting. Don’t expect candlelit dinners, but do look forward to having a drink in an abandoned factory, visiting some seriously edgy galleries and locking lips with your local whilst watching a film noir. 

7) Sydney
Most populated city in Australia, sunshine, top unis, great economic situation, and so much potential for anyone planning on having the year abroad of a lifetime. You’re in such close proximity of the beach, of culture, of sporty activities, of gorgeous tropical countries, you’d be mad not to consider this city for some time away. Surfer boy chic or tousled beach hair and bikinis, and a barbecue to boot, with some cold beers? Heaven.

8) Barcelona
No wonder so many people fall in love with this place; great food, awesome bars, a student-friendly atmosphere and a vibrant city lifestyle are just some of the things Barcelona has to offer. Learn the lingo here (Catalan) and you might just impress one of the beautiful locals into buying you a coffee...Or why not just learn with them instead? This is the place to go if you fancy a relaxed vibe, with loads of things to do, meaning you won’t ever get bored. And you’ll have plenty of people to share your time with. A social butterfly’s paradise.

9) Florence
Old-school romance at its best. Streets that are just begging to be walked in, holding hands with one of the cute locals. Great art, even better food, beautiful architecture - this place will have you thanking your uni back home for giving you the chance to live out the Italian dream in one of the most delightful places on earth. Everything’s within walking distance, the people are friendly and there are hundreds of students who land here each year. Whether you find an Italian lover or not, you’ll be impressed by the locals’ way of wooing you, with drink, good food and some seriously cheesy chat up lines which can’t stop from bringing a smile to your face.

10) MarrakeshMint_tea_by_rudolf_mittelmann
Maybe it’s the dark eyes, the smell of fresh spices, the sunshine basking through the white-washed walls, the taste of sweet mint tea...If there’s somewhere you’re bound to fall in love with on your first visit, it’s Marrakesh.With booming tourism, working here can offer real prospects - both career-wise and people-wise. With locals being so friendly, you’re bound to make friends quickly, which could quickly move on to something more exotic...The city revels in its charisma and personality - coming here for your year abroad will have you falling in love with the place and its people, thanks to the hospitality, the hidden and off-beat restaurants and the dreamy banter...In short, an explorer’s dream destination!

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