My top 5 Parisian Sundays

My top 5 Parisian Sundays French Flappers, Parisian Cafe 1920's by Vintage Lulu

This article was written by Hattie Reed, published on 30th April 2012 and has been read 6500 times.

Hattie spent the first semester of her year abroad in Paris and she is now at university in Lyon. You can follow her blog: Parlez-vous français? but in the meantime, here is the countdown of her top five Parisian Sundays...
I love Sunday. Seriously. Nothing beats it. It's an excuse to kick-back, eat loads and avoid uni work - cracking!

I also love lists. They're rapidly becoming an obsession; 'to do' lists, shopping lists, the ominous and bewildering 'sort-out' list... you name it, there's a list for it. It's a way of being productive but not actually doing anything - perfect!

My Top 5 Parisian Sundays

5. The Eiffel Tower
Yes, I know, Paris; The Eiffel Tower - it doesn't get much more stereotypical or unimaginative, right? BUT, on this particular lazy Sunday towards the end of my stay in Paris, me and a couple of friends queued towards evening and got to the top just as it was hitting dusk, as Paris began to light up. It was absolutely amazing, and all the better for being a lazy Sunday.

4. The Parisian Picnic
Oh yes, a few laid back Sundays spent picnicking in a park in Paris - some food from a patisserie, chatting and a great dollop of people watching and there's a recipe for an ultimate laid-back end of the week. We went for a range of places; Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin de Luxembourg and even the Champ de Mars beneath the Eiffel Tower - definitely some of my greatest lazy Sundays ever!

3. Let them eat cake!
It became a bit of a habit towards the end of the stay to go and watch a French film and then go to a café and eat cake! With the excuse of it being a Sunday, cheesecake (or just any cake thrown in our general direction really) was a definite must and we managed to see some great French cinema too - cracking beans!

2. Meandering through...
This was an ultimate Sunday. No plans, no to do lists, no destinations - just a group of people and a long wander through the streets of Paris. A particular highlight was coming across a street jazz band entertaining a crowd with their very own groupie (woman in green) busting her best moves in front of them - she was definitely enthusiastic... Plus, and I don't know about you, but I'm a firm believer that no Sunday is complete without seeing a chuffing great big statue of a mole... no Sunday has been the same since. Sad times.

And finally (drumroll please), in first place....

1. Brunch
It's a clear winner. A combination of good company, great food and a stonking great big pot of Nutella (or, as it became to be known, SUPER NUTELLA) and life is complete once again.

These were the most laid back Sundays ever - partly due to just kicking back for a few hours with friends and the other part being physically unable to move afterwards and therefore having no choice but to just sit. Getting home on the Métro was far too strenuous after this...

Brunch in Paris will definitely remain the ultimate Sunday champion in my eyes.

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