Top 5 Foreign Romance films

Top 5 Foreign Romance films Roman Holiday

This article was written by Caroline Myers, published on 14th February 2011 and has been read 19705 times.

There’s nothing better than watching a good old romantic comedy, curled up on the sofa or the double bed, with a loved one. Whether he/she is real or just a fluffy toy doesn’t really matter - what does matter is getting to grips with the exaggerated plot-line, and what better way to do so in another language? Take a look at our list of some of the best romantic films from across the globe - Kleenex and chocolate not included...  
Jules et Jim (France, 1962) - Brilliant French film, starring Jeanne Moreau as lead in what can only be seen as the archetypal mènage à trois. Lots of song and dance, and some seriously good visuals from this Truffaut classic.

Como agua para chocolate (Mexico, 1992) - An adaption of Isabel Allende’s novel, based on the story of a Mexican family at the turn of last century. Tita, the last in line of a family of daughters, has the burden of staying forever at her mother’s side. Pedro falls in love with her from the moment they meet, yet is unable to marry her because of the family’s traditions. He ends up marrying her sister instead...Expect many romantic sparks!

Il Postino (Italy, 1994) - A love story involving a postmen delivering a famous poet’s work, and using it to woo a beautiful young lady. Pablo Neruda’s romantic stanzas and words of advice enable Il Postino to win the object of his affection over. A veritable masterpiece.

Keinohrhasen (Germany, 2007) - A brilliantly funny romantic comedy involving a young professional taking his trade a little too far and ending up doing some community service, in a children’s day centre. Only snatch is that the woman in charge is actually an old classmate of his, who coldly recalls his teasing remarks of the old days...As the film unfolds, the characters open up and between many laughs, you realise what a charming romantic comedy this is!

O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta (Brazil, 2005) - A modern adaption of the canonical text, the story takes place in the streets of São Paulo, involving Julieta, daughter of one of the managers of the Palmeiras football team, falling in love with Romeo, member of the opposing team...Funny and modern twist on the classic love story.

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