Jennifer studied abroad in Tokyo and now teaches English there

Jennifer studied abroad in Tokyo and now teaches English there Tokyo by kevin dooley

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Jennifer studied Commerce with Japanese at the University of Birmingham and studied abroad in Tokyo. She graduated in 2009 and currently works as an English Instructor for Gaba Corporation in Japan.
"I studied for one year on the Japanese Language Programme at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. During this course I was also able to take elective modules, so I selected business modules that related to my major back home in the UK. My year abroad was a chance for me to grow emotionally and academically. Adapting to the study and working culture of a very different country to the UK was a challenge. At the same time, I was put into an international dormitory with students from all over the world. This experience opened my mind to new ideas and new cultures, and allowed me at the age of 21 to develop an international frame of mind that I certainly believe has helped me in my working life.

Since returning to the UK and graduating, my first job was as a Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator at Warwick University. I was responsible for recruiting and marketing the Warwick MBA to potential applicants. I would organise open events, take part in online information sessions and take care of my own portfolio of enquirers and applicants. With my portfolio coming from over 70 countries, I have no doubt that my international experience not only helped me get this job in the tough economic climate, it enabled me to thrive in it.

I left this job in September 2011 to move to Japan, where I now work as an English Instructor for Gaba Corporation. My year abroad gave me the language skills and independence to move here again by myself. Although teaching English isn’t necessarily what I’d like to do forever, it is a stepping stone towards building my people skills and further understanding the culture that I have chosen to integrate into. In my current job, my previous year at Keio University has lead to me becoming a popular teacher, as Keio is a highly prestigious institution. I am honoured and privileged to have studied there for one year.

I’m still unsure of what I’d like to do, but I have no doubt that my year abroad has made me highly marketable and has enabled me to chase opportunities that others may not be able to."

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