Tantalising Tirol

Tantalising Tirol Tirol by jmauerer

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 12th May 2011 and has been read 4490 times.

Antonia spent her year abroad in Tirol, Austria. Read on as she fills the year abroad blanks...
My name is:  Antonia

I'm studying: German at St Andrews

For my year abroad I went to:
Tirol, Austria for 10 months

While I was there I:
Taught English in two wonderful schools!

Five words to describe my year away are:
Fabulous alcohol-fuelled self-discovery.

My top tips for anyone going there are:
See my articles in the Austria section!

The cleverest people find accommodation:
On www.wg-gesucht.de.

Don't leave without:
A sense of adventure.

The best night out is:
International partying at the Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuehel.

When your parents visit:
Mine didn't - it was my year and I wanted to keep it all to myself!

My favourite lunch place:
Theresienbrau - most delicious Bauerngrostl in Tirol.

My best place for a hot date:
Cocktails at 360° - a 360° view of the Alps and the Altstadt - beautiful.

On a Sunday:
Head to the Mieminger Plateau for a refreshing walk in a breathtaking landscape.

The most useful website I found was:

If you want to fit in quickly, you should:
Go to any local bar and order a Stiegl.

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