7. Time management

7. Time management by john.schultz

This article was written by Fiona Timba, published on 17th July 2013 and has been read 19473 times.

We've been quite silent for a while but we're back and ready to update you. We've been working on Packed Munches and there have been further highs and lows that we'll be telling you all about but it seems like a good place to start off would be on the difficulties of trying to set up a business whilst studying/working (ABROAD!!).

When the idea for Packed Munches started I was studying my Masters at Maastricht University. It was an idea born out of need and longing, so to speak. As the idea progressed I finished my Masters and then in February of this year I moved to Brussels to start an internship with the European Commission. My third year abroad has turned into three years and counting! Being abroad whilst studying and working makes it difficult to start a business and even more important to plan to your time. Things that should take one month can take two or three! 

Research and time management skills come in really handy whether you're abroad or at home. It definitely makes things a lot easier when you're abroad.

Key things to consider are:

1. What resources are available to you?

This includes, friends, family, university and colleagues. Help can come in the most unlikely form so really scrutinize everything around you carefully.

2. When you will be able to use them?

And are they only available whilst you are abroad or at home?

3. When can you put time aside to develop your ideas and implement a business plan?

We’ll come back to the business plan in a later post but we’ve found this important to work as it helps you to anticipate what is around the corner.

4. Most importantly you have to be good at juggling.

The last six months Sabrina and I have become a circus act!

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