The Official pre-Year Abroad Guide

The Official pre-Year Abroad Guide by Franck Michel

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 21st July 2011 and has been read 111899 times. is a mine of invaluable information and top tips. To help you stay on track, we've decided to extract the best of the best to create a master list of things you need to do/buy/prepare for/be aware of before your time abroad.

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1. Checklists and Packing

  1. The Definitive Year Abroad Checklist.
  2. Books you should take with you
  3. The best apps to download 
  4. Your packing list
  5. 5 top tips to fit your life into your tiny suitcase 
  6. The thoughts you have when packing for a year abroad
  7. How to pack for a year abroad
  8. 10 things to sort before leaving for a study abroad year

2. Boring, yes, but SUPER important!

  1. Year abroad insurance - before it's too late! 
  2. Going to Europe? Get your free EHIC Card! 
  3. What you will need in your wallet
  4. Send My Bag! Ship your stuff (and get 5% off!) 
  5. Funding opportunities: awards, scholarships and grants 
  6. Currency cards: possibly the best way to manage your money abroad 
  7. Keeping career-focused on your year abroad

3. Making the Most of Your Summer Holidays

  1. Summer internships abroad
  2. School's out for summer! 
  3. Create your CV in a foreign language 
  4. Your year abroad is 18 months, not 9!

4. The Wandering Student

  1. The very best student travel advice
  2. Follow the festivals - worldwide 
  3. Do you need a visa? 
  4. Making the most of budget flights
  5. The best apps for year abroad students

5. Staying on the Safe Side

  1. Panic button: What to do in an emergency abroad 
  2. Understanding year abroad insurance
  3. Potential catastrophes and how to cope
  4. Studying abroad with a long-term health condition
  5. Abroad? Sick? Make sure you have your EHIC…
  6. All Change: The Female Body and the Year Abroad

6. Your need-to-know for Working Abroad

  1. Ten ways to find a year abroad work placement
  2. Tips for future language assistants
  3. Choosing between studying and working abroad
  4. The ups and downs of interning abroad

7. Get Studying

  1. Survival tips for Erasmus students
  2. Studying abroad as an independent student
  3. Your summer study abroad opportunity
  4. Confessions of Study Abroad Coordinators

8. And last but not least...

  1. 8 ways to document your year abroad (and make everyone else jealous!) 
  2. Keeping in touch with friends and family 
  3. Winning year abroad advice  
  4. Year Abroad Social Media Bingo
  5. The final countdown
  6. The beginning of your year abroad 
  7. 10 tried-and-tested ways to make the most of your year abroad
  8. Weird and wonderful ways to record your time abroad

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