Insider City Guides: The Mole Diaries

Insider City Guides: The Mole Diaries

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 29th April 2015 and has been read 50021 times.

Now, here's a section you won't find anywhere else on the net - Year Abroaders give you their top tips and insider's knowledge on living like a local. With the latest information on everything ranging from destination-specific packing advice, accommodation tips, seasonal things to do, and their Top Tens, you will not only be well-prepared for your trip but you will get to know each city's well-hidden secrets like the back of your hand. They just give you something extra... Fancy becoming a Mole and giving others your top tips? Click here!

Here's what our student Moles have dug up about their year abroad destination...

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Amman Mole - Jordan
Beirut Mole - Lebanon
Muscat Mole - Oman


Zlatni Pyasatsi Mole 


Beijing Mole 
Guangzhou Mole 
Harbin Mole 
Hong Kong Mole


Copenhagen Mole | Copenhagen Mole 2


Amsterdam Mole | Amsterdam Mole 2 
Utrecht Mole


Auckland Mole - New Zealand
Baltimore Mole - Maryland, USA
Brisbane Mole - Queensland, Australia
Cairns Mole - Australia
Cape Town Mole - South Africa
Edinburgh Mole - Scotland, UK
Exeter Mole - Devon, England, UK
Glasgow Mole - Scotland, UK
Kingston Mole - Eastern Ontario, Canada
London Mole - England, UK
Melbourne Mole - Victoria, Australia
Miami Mole - Florida, USA
Michigan Mole - Michigan, USA
NYC Mole | NYC Mole 2 - New York, USA
Ottawa Mole | Ottawa Mole 2 - Southern Ontario, Canada
San Diego Mole - Southern California, USA
Seoul Mole - South Korea
Southampton Mole - Hampshire, England, UK
Sydney Mole - New South Wales, Australia
Toronto Mole - Ontario, Canada
Wollongong Mole - New South Wales, Australia


Helsinki Mole


Aix-en-Provence Mole | Aix Mole 2 | Aix Mole 3 | Aix Mole 4 | Aix Mole 5 
Aix les Bains Mole 
Alsace Mole 
Amiens Mole 
Antibes Mole 
Avignon Mole | Avignon Mole 2
Bordeaux Mole | Bordeaux Mole 2 
Brittany Mole 
Brussels Mole - Belgium
Caen Mole 
Cergy Mole 
Chambéry Mole | Chambéry Mole 2 
Dreux Mole 
Épernay Mole
Geneva Mole | Geneva Mole 2 
Grenoble Mole | Grenoble Mole 2
Guadeloupe Mole - Caribbean Sea
Guyane Mole - St. Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana
La Réunion Mole - Indian Ocean
Lille Mole 
Lyon Mole 
Marseille Mole
Martinique Mole - Eastern Caribbean Sea
Montpellier Mole | Montpellier Mole 2 
Montréal Mole - Quebec, Canada
Nancy Mole 
Nantes Mole | Nantes Mole 2
Nice Mole
Paris Mole | Paris Mole 2 
Perpignan Mole
Raon L'Etape Mole (Lorraine)
Rennes Mole 
Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais Mole 
Senegal Mole - West Africa
Strasbourg Mole 
Talence Mole (Bordeaux)
Toulon Mole 
Toulouse Mole | Toulouse Mole 2 | Toulouse Mole 3 
Tours Mole


Aachen Mole 
Berlin Mole | Berlin Mole 2 | Berlin Mole 3 
Bern Mole, Switzerland
Bonn Mole
Cologne Mole | Cologne Mole 2
Dortmund Mole
Duisburg Mole 
Düsseldorf Mole 
Frankfurt Mole | Frankfurt Mole 2 
Freiburg Mole 
Graz Mole, Austria
Heidelberg Mole 
Ingolstadt Mole 
Innsbruck Mole
Kiel Mole
Linz Mole 
Mainz Mole
Munich Mole
Münster Mole
Passau Mole
Ruhr District Mole
Tirol Mole
Vienna Mole | Vienna Mole 2 | Vienna Mole 3 


Thessaloniki Mole


Bergamo Mole 
Bologna Mole 
Ferrara Mole
Florence Mole | Florence Mole 2 
Forlì Mole 
Genoa Mole
Milan Mole
Modena Mole 
Naples Mole 
Padua Mole 
Parma Mole 
Pavia Mole 
Pisa Mole 
Rome Mole | Rome Mole 2 
Sicily Mole
Siena Mole | Siena Mole 2 
Trento Mole 
Turin Mole 
Venice Mole | Venice Mole 2


Seoul Mole - South Korea


Warsaw Mole
Gdansk Mole


Brazil Mole - Latin America
Florianópolis Mole - Brazil, Latin America
Lisbon Mole - Portugal
Maputo Mole - Mozambique, Africa
Rio de Janeiro Mole - Brazil, Latin America


Moscow Mole | Moscow Mole 2 
Odessa Mole - Ukraine
Petrozavodsk Mole
St Petersburg Mole | St Petersburg Mole 2 | St Petersburg Mole 3 
Tomsk Mole | Tomsk Mole 2 - Siberia


A Coruña Mole 
Alcalá de Henares Mole 
Alicante Mole 
Aragón Mole 
Asturias Mole 
Baeza Mole
Barcelona Mole
Bilbao Mole
Buenos Aires Mole | Buenos Aires Mole 2 | Buenos Aires Mole 3 
Ciudad Real Mole 
Córdoba Mole 
Costa Rica Mole   
Galicia Mole 
Granada Mole |Granada Mole 2 | Granada Mole 3 
Guanajuato Mole - Mexico, Latin America
Ibiza Mole
La Paz Mole |La Paz Mole 2 - Bolivia, Latin America
Las Palmas Mole - Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Lima Mole - Peru
León Mole 
Lugo Mole
Madrid Mole | Madrid Mole 2 
Málaga Mole | Málaga Mole 2 
Melilla Mole | Melilla Mole 2 | Melilla Mole 3 - Morocco
Mexico Mole | Mexico Mole 2
Murcia Mole | Murcia Mole 2
Playa del Carmen Mole 
Salamanca Mole | Salamanca Mole 2 
Santiago de Chile Mole
Santiago de Compostela Mole
Seville Mole 
Soria Mole
Valencia Mole 
Valladolid Mole 
Vigo Mole | Vigo Mole 2 | Vigo Mole 3
Zacatecas Mole - Mexico, Latin America


Uppsala Mole 

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