The best student websites: deals, discounts and more

The best student websites: deals, discounts and more Student Money by stuartpilbrow

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We’ve reviewed the best student websites to scout for the cheapest deals, best discounts and brilliant advice for students across the UK and from further ashore. Whether you’re planning on going to university, right in the midst of it all, or coming over as an international student, here is our list of the top student sites to help you sort your finances and save those pennies!
The big Daddy - Student Beans
This is the one-stop shop for student deals, with promotions updated on a regular basis, with great offers for social excursions, food, restaurants and more. The site’s easy to use, with a useful top tab system, a ‘rated or slated’ features option and boasts some pretty addictive games. Really useful for any student who wants to be in the know at all times, whilst surfing a pretty slick website. 

Website for all - S-k-i-n-t
A really good website for anyone who’s interested in making a quick buck on old CDs, textbooks and more, with great links to high street offers, competitions and student travel deals, all under one roof. 

The dark horse - Quidco
Though not necessarily a student website on first glance, this little cracker allows you to get the latest deals on anything from supermarket shops to high street offers, to entertainment buys. Great for anyone who’s after saving a bob or two over the internet.

The forum-come-discounts site - The Student Room
As well as giving great advice, a sounding board for students about worries/lectures/food/relationships and more, the Student Room offers deals and competition to its users, making it top of the student bookmark tabs.

The National Union for Students - NUS
Here, you can get the latest students news, with a full list of the sites in support of the NUS student card, to get the cheapest deals. Order one online if you’re out of Higher Education, or get your Graduate NUS card to benefit from discounts once you’re done with uni. 

The Groupon-type student contender - Student Discounts
Working very much in the same way as Groupon, this site offers students the chance to benefit from incredible discounts for various products and nights out if enough students sign up for the deal. Great if you’re after a last minute offer, at great rates.

The cheaper option - Deals4students
This is a great site for any student wanting to save some pennies on food, accommodation, going out and more. It’s not as big as some other sites around, but it’s still worth checking out for the odd tip-off. Plus you can send out an email to work as an ambassador for the site and get paid for your efforts with vouchers in kind - can’t say fairer than that!

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