The best language courses abroad

The best language courses abroad by epsos

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Looking for an exciting way to brush up your language skills this summer? Why not try one of these courses!

1. Summer Schools in Europe

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Summer Schools in Europe is basically a massive directory of all the best - you guessed it - summer schools in Europe. If you're set on a particular destination or discipline, it's a great place to start looking for the perfect course. It's not just language courses either. They promote a wide range of subjects in countries across Europe, varying from Journalism to Gender Studies.

2. Go Learn To

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Go Learn To organise trips and courses everywhere from Australia to Morocco. You can choose a straightforward language course, learn a new skill like photography or cooking, get involved in a sport like horseriding or surfing or relax and practice yoga on a wellness retreat. It's a great chance to practice your language skills whilst trying out something completely new!

3. Education First

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Education First are a highly respected company that organise language courses both in the UK and abroad. Simply select your level and choose from six languages in 12 different countries around the world! As well as providing high-quality language teaching, EF also organise activities and excursions so you can get to know the city you're in and use your language in a practical setting.

4. Hot Courses Abroad

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Hot Courses Abroad is a really easy way to find a short or long term course overseas. They have a large database of courses in a range of subjects, including languages and, if you're feeling confused, they also have a team of professionals on hand to give you advice.

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