The 15 best travel gadgets

The 15 best travel gadgets Travel Gadgets by Kaba

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We’ve ploughed through our resources, asked hundreds of travellers and managed to come up with this: the definitive guide to suit every traveller’s needs. It's so important to go on adventures while you're abroad - spend weekends exploring, use your holidays to travel, go on a tour of music (and beer!) festivals... Have a read, pick out a few items you fancy, get your parents to chip in and enjoy these nomadic treats!
1. A trusty USB stick
This is exactly what you need to keep all your documents, photos, favourite bookmarks and films on the go. If you’re not bringing a computer out with you for your year abroad, this little baby is a God-send. If you are, back up your documents, just in case. Something you’ll use just as much as when you come back from your time away.

2. A decent torch
There’s nothing that’s going to annoy your roommates at the local hostel like you switching on the lights, once you’re back from your night out at 4AM. Make sure you pack one of these as they’re mighty useful, especially during power cuts or if you can’t quite make it out of bed to check where you put your keys.

3. A Swiss army knife 
You’re bound to find use of at least 6 of its accessories, whether you’re out camping or money’s not quite going to stretch as far as buying you all the individual pieces in your first month. Lightweight, compact and let’s face it, the original MacCoy.

4. A waterproof notebook
At less than a tenner, it’s a real steal. You’ll need something to scribble on wherever you go, be it atop a mountain, gazing out from the Great Plains or building up a tan on the beach. Record your travels and tips safely thanks to one of these.

5. A camera 
This one hits the right mark, both on price, quality and durability. Taking pictures of your time away is one of the most pleasurable things you can do: you’ll have memories for life and you might even develop new skills as a photographer. Check out whether your university offers a photo prize for the year abroad and you could find the camera paying for itself!

6. A compact tent
Even if you don’t imagine yourself to be the camping type, you shouldn’t let one of these go past without nabbing a bargain. There may be festivals, there may be a lack of bedrooms, you may just quite fancy snuggling up to someone in one of these. Go on, go on, go on, get one!

7. A quick-dry towel 
One of the best things you can pack for your time away as it’s so small and handy. Plus it’s ridiculously light, so as well as not taking up much space, you’ll also gain a few extra grams for other stuff you might need. A real travel essential if there ever was one.

8. A waterproof wash bag
On this site, you’ll be able to find both girly washbags and lads stuff, at reasonable prices. It’s best to invest in a plastic covered bag, as it’ll mean it won’t get wet or dirty if you’re taking it travelling with you. Invest in some small, clear bottles too, to bring your favourite products with you when you go!

9. A padlock 
You can’t afford to go travelling without bringing one of these along - whether you’re sharing a room in a hostel or renting out private accommodation, it’s best to be safe than sorry you lost all your valuables, and money.

10. A pair of travel ear plugs 
Ever noticed how your ears pop in an airplane? This is the travel-savvy year abroader’s solution - they’re small, cheap and really useful to avoid feeling like someone’s cleaned out your ears with a heavy duty toilet brush.

11. A compact backpack 
This neat little design stores up to 25l, that’s either a lot of liquid or a lot of space, depending on what your priorities are. Essential to take around travelling, store your guidebooks, pack your lunch in the hope of a far-fetched trek...Don’t leave home without one!

12. Some vacuum travel packs
If you’re planning on taking a suitcase, but just don’t know where it’s all going to fit, you should think about investing in some of these (sizes, of course, vary). Very American-fortysomething-tourist-goes-to-Europe, but very useful indeed. An absolute lifesaver if you wouldn’t dream of leaving those 15 jumpers, 7 pairs of trousers and some back home. It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone...

13. A mini first aid kit 
Sure, you might have packed everything from your cosmetics to your wash towel, including your mosquito repellent somewhere in the pockets of your trusty carrier bag, but what about cuts, bruises and antiseptic? This is the kit to own.

14. Some waterproof suncream
Many an eager traveller thinks about setting off to the warm shores of his or her year abroad destination, without a care in the world. Oh, wait, what’s this? Sunshine? Hot sun rays hitting my paperwhite skin? Suncream. Aaah, forgot that back home. No matter, you can buy some round the shops here - how much???! Factor 10??! What? Where’s the stuff for babies? Not all countries will have what you’re looking for, at the price you’re looking for. Be smart and pack some suncream before you hit foreign ground. 

15. A spork 
Part knife, park spoon and a little bit of fork, this is the gadget for anyone packing lightly to go camping or is unsure about hygiene standards in any part of their country. It’s also awesome for packed lunches and doesn’t mean you’ve got everything but the kitchen sink in your bag, come lunchtime. And they come in a range of colours, who could ask for more?

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