The Benefits of a Long Distance Relationship

The Benefits of a Long Distance Relationship by

This article was written by Rebecca Love, published on 11th May 2015 and has been read 10248 times.

Becky Love is studying French and Spanish at the University of Surrey. She is currently on the second half of her year abroad in Madrid working as analyst for a country branding company, having previously worked in Paris for six months as a translator for an online tourism company. This is her account of why the year abroad doesn't have to mean the end for your relationship - in fact, it can sometimes mean just the opposite! Read more about her year abroad on Becky's blog.

That’s right, you read the title correctly, I said the BENEFITS of a long distance relationship. Long-distance relationships are difficult, frustrating and far from ideal; in fact they have a notorious reputation for simply just “not working out”. However, it really doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, I think it’s a about time we put a positive spin on things! So read on to find out all of the beautiful benefits of a long distance relationship.

1. There will be jittery butterflies before every phone call.
You will always have a lot to catch up on and so you will never have to worry about awkward small talk. (I know my boyfriend can’t wait to hear about my sunshine-filled weekends from wet and windy England…).

2. You can master being in a relationship and being a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN (or man, obviously…).
Believe me, I’ve learned to replace lightbulbs and get rid of spiders all on my own! You also will never have to feel guilty about having some “me time”; in fact, you will be able to sit around in your pyjamas eating chocolate and watching chick flicks for as long as you want!

3. It’s the perfect time to unleash your inner Mr.Darcy!
You can get in touch with your romantic side by sending handwritten letters and postcards, which will be sure to make your partner’s day. Gifts and surprises are also now worth infinitely more than they were before!

4. You will never be accused of putting “bros before hoes”!
It’s easy to balance your friends and your relationship because you and your significant other will make plans really far in advance, which will leave you plenty of time to spend with your amigos.

5. You have the perfect excuse to travel as much as you want (and stay for free)!
Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard may as well become “your song” after so many mini vacations! As a couple, you will have the chance to see and do so many things that you have never been able to do before. It’s like dating your own personal tour guide and you don’t even have to tip!

6. You will become the most patient person in the world, ever.
No really, I mean it, whether it’s a dire Internet connection or counting down the next 70 days until you’re reunited, you will finally understand the meaning of the phrase “patience is a virtue.”

7. Last but certainly not least, you know if you can make it through this you can make it through anything.
Together you will be unstoppable. In fact, Beyoncé and Jay- Z will quiver in fear once they hear there’s a new power couple in town!

“Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough…”

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