Start your career with Teach First

Start your career with Teach First by Regent Language Training

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Everyone can remember one incredible teacher that made a real difference to their life. Teach First trains and supports committed individuals to become inspirational classroom leaders in low-income communities across England and Wales. These classroom leaders change lives. They help young people believe in themselves, and empower them to build a future they may not have believed possible. They have opportunities for you in your final year of uni and once you graduate. Find out more about Teach First...

1. What is Teach First?

In the UK today, the link between how much your family earn and how well you do in school and in life is stronger than almost anywhere in the developed world. We are a charity working to end this educational inequality. We believe inspirational teaching and leadership is key to helping every child succeed, regardless of their background. By building a community of exceptional leaders who create change within classrooms, schools and across society, we are working towards a day when no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background.

Some people join us knowing they want to stay in education; some are sure that they don’t; and others are uncertain about their plans. All of them find the experience of our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) to be powerful, rewarding and enlightening, and all are changed by it.

2. How does the Leadership Development Programme work?

Young people need leaders – exceptional people who can bring out the best in them, whatever the circumstances of their lives. The LDP will help you become such a leader.  It is a two-year, salaried commitment that starts with our six week Summer Institute, an intensive immersion into the theory and practice of teaching. Over your two years, the LDP combines teacher training and a fully-funded Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with one-to-one coaching to develop your personal and leadership qualities.

More than 80 high-profile organisations in the private, public and charity sectors recognise our programme’s ability to develop leaders for life. They know that people who can engage and inspire in the classroom can bring resilience, efficiency and imagination to any working environment, no matter where their career takes them.

3. Why should I become a leader with Teach First?

Here are just some of the benefits of joining our LDP:  The opportunity to be part of a movement that is changing lives and that will change society; intensive teacher training leading to the internationally recognised Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE); real responsibility from day one; opportunity to pursue a Masters qualification at reduced cost; ongoing leadership development, coaching, business training and skills workshops; access to professional development and network of supporters; a full-time paid position for minimum of two years; 13 weeks holiday. As well as applications being open now for our 2017 LDP, we also have a range of campus opportunities available for when you return to complete your final year.

4. Next step

Visit the Teach First website for more information!

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