Summer internships - and the living is easy...

Summer internships - and the living is easy... Summer Lovin' by

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Summer's nearly here and, with exams drawing to a close, many students decide to make the most of the summer by looking for an internship or work placement for a couple of months. With unemployment amid the 16-24 age group being at an all-time high, students are looking to add crucial experience to their CVs. A less travelled career-building route is, ironically, trying out internships abroad.

Working abroad has many advantages for students, and not all are studying a language as Felicia Line, a Bristol Geography student, explains: ''I did an open unit in Spanish, outside my speciality. I wanted to go abroad to get to grips with Latin American culture and get a cool job whilst out there, to show off on my CV''. Although Felicia worked as an English language teacher during her stay, she also found a niche topic for her upcoming Masters project. ''It was great getting to immerse myself in the culture and make a few contacts for my project too, I'd definitely recommend it as it really helps you think outside of the box''.

Whether you're looking to boost your language skills, get some experience on that CV or just going out to try something a bit different, all reasons are good to pack your bags and settle out abroad, if only for the summer. And the surveys say it all - answering a questionnaire by graduate research service i-graduate, head of UK resourcing for PricewaterhouseCoopers Charles Macleod said: “The value of [a student’s] international experience goes beyond purely the acquisition of language – it lies in the ability to see business and personal issues from other than your own cultural perspective."

With sites such as Craigslist and Couchsurfing, cyber communities are offering cheap sublets and free sofas to sleep on, so affording accommodation abroad shouldn't be an issue either. Handy tips on here on Global Graduates range from where to go, how to translate CVs for the global job market, lists of major job fishing sites and not-for-profit organisations and accommodation advice; all covered by their team of experienced writers and researchers. One of the hardest things about going abroad is getting your CV up to scratch and nailing a good internship, so we've pooled all the information we've used in the past and heard of through word-of-mouth, and now it's all under one roof, whether you want to work, teach or volunteer (check out our jobs and internships section). Plus, if you can't find what you're looking for, you can easily sign up to GG and get advice from everyone in our Q&A section - couldn't be easier.

Sunshine, foreign food and a job to boot? Who needs Reed anyway?!

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