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Erasmus One of the most popular ways to fund your travels abroad is through the Erasmus Scheme, an EU wide initiative which provides financial support for students wishing to go abroad. It’s a fantastic funding scheme that many UK universities are involved in.  The great thing about it is that it works across many other disciplines, not just language—so don’t feel you’ve been left out, just because you don’t study languages! Of course eligibility differs for each course, so have a look at their requirements or speak to someone at your university for more details. At the moment students receive about €225 a month, so you probably won’t be able to solely rely on Erasmus money to see you through your expenses. Application is through your own university, so book an appointment with your Erasmus coordinator to get the full lowdown. Grants What exactly is a grant? Basically, it’s a contribution of money handed over to rightful causes. This could be YOU so get researching what’s out there. There are a handful of UK charities and trusts which offer grants. However in most cases, the sum will not be able to cover the full cost of living. A good place to start is at your home university, quizzing the International Office about what’s out there. Did you know that if you are an EU student, you have equal rights to work in any EU country? This also means you might just be entitled to grants in your country of choice, so do ask around your department(s) and Student Union. Postgraduates may be able to obtain grants from research councils. Contact the relevant institutes related to your discipline for further information.


For the uninitiated, a scholarship is an award, usually in the form of financial relief or admission to the university, which allows a student to further their education. It’s always wise to enquire about financial aid from the institute that you are applying to. They may even have scholarships that you can apply for. The early magpie really does catch the finest jewel, here; bear in mind that for most courses, you will have to apply a year in advance prior to admission. Competition is going to be fierce but don’t let that get you down and get researching!

IIEPASSPORT Study Abroad Funding

Study Abroad Funding is the monster of search engines related to funding abroad. It covers not only scholarships, but also fellowships and grants. Search by country, subject or by various other criteria.


For more information on scholarships, the UNESCO has a great guide to a number of international scholarships that are available. It includes addresses, requirements, application deadlines and even living expenses for each country.


Another good place to check is Hotcourses’ scholarship search, a website jam-packed with all sorts of scholarships available, with good links.


If you’re looking for specific scholarships, you can search at the IEFA to see if there are any related to your field and in the country of your choice, though most of these are exchange programs with the USA.


Find out about available work-related schemes.

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