Study abroad in Australia and New Zealand: FAQs

Study abroad in Australia and New Zealand: FAQs Study Abroad in NZ by Justin Wyne

This article was written by Laura from Study Options, published on 2nd July 2012 and has been read 7606 times.

To find out more about study abroad options for students who aren't studying languages, we spoke to Laura from Study Options, which is a "free, independent, expert service for people looking to study in Australia and New Zealand," and asked her some questions:

How does studying abroad work at Australian and New Zealand Universities?

If you are thinking about undertaking a semester or year of study at an Australian or New Zealand university, get in touch with Study Options. We can send you a list of all of the Australian and New Zealand universities which accept study abroad students. You will then need to check that the university offers the programme that you are studying.

When do most students study abroad in Australia or New Zealand?

Most students study abroad in the second year of a three year degree. After their Study Abroad period they would then return to their UK university to complete their degree. However, Study Abroad options are also available for postgraduate students.

Do I have to tell my UK university that I want to study in Australia or New Zealand?

Yes. It is very important that you tell your university here in the UK that you want to study in Australia or New Zealand for part of your degree. You will need to get their approval in order to obtain recognition for the study that you do while you are overseas so that your UK university can credit this study towards your final degree class.

When it comes to making an application to Study Abroad, the Australian or New Zealand University will ask you to choose which courses or modules you wish to study when you are there, and will then assess your application to see whether you are eligible for them. Once you have your final course list approved, you will need to get your UK University to check and approve your choices in order to minimise any disruption when you return to the UK.

What happens after I have chosen which university I would like to go to?

Once you have been sent the list of universities which accept study abroad students, let Study Options know which ones you want to apply to. We will then send you the application forms for the universities that you wish to apply for as well as a list of the documents that you will need to accompany your application.

How much does it cost?

Study abroad periods are charged at a flat rate, no matter what subject you want to study or how many courses you take during your stay. The tuition fees depend on the university but generally in New Zealand you would expect to pay somewhere around NZ$10,500 per semester and between AU$7,000 and AU$12,000 per semester in Australia.

Are there any funding options for Study Abroad in Australia and New Zealand?

Unfortunately the funding options for undertaking a study abroad year or semester are quite limited. You would not be able to get a tuition fee loan from the UK Student Loan company. However, you should still be eligible for the maintenance loan. You should contact the Student Loan Company for more information.

Could I get a Scholarship?

Scholarships for study abroad students are quite rare, but some universities do offer them. Please contact for further details.

How do I get in touch with Study Options?

You can get in touch with Study Options via email at [email protected] or by telephone on 020 7353 7200. We would be very happy to answer any questions that you have on studying abroad.

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