Student accommodation in France

Student accommodation in France On my balcony in Paris, overlooking the Gare de l'Est by Dana McMahan

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Thinking about spending your time abroad in France? Don’t know where to start when it comes to accommodation? Check out these links!
If you’re studying, check out student halls with the CNOUS, but consider... ...Renting independently - check out De particulier à particulier If you’re looking to share, you could also check out Craig’s List,, and Read The ultimate guide to finding accommodation in Paris - it's relevant for other cities too! And it's worth reading Accommodation In Lyon: Learn from my mistakes - to avoid common pitfalls Don’t forget to look into home insurance, too, for your stay You could also benefit from financial help with the CAF (see below) so make sure you do your homework!



You could also find your ideal flat or flatmate on It's free! 

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Should you live in Halls of Residence or a shared student flat?

Here are Arthur's thoughts: "I thought that by staying in University accommodation I would meet absolutely loads of people and get involved a lot more with uni life as a result. Don’t get me wrong, I do really like the accommodation I am in, and have met lots of really lovely people, it’s just that the jealousy really did kick in on Monday night. My friend Peter is a German who speaks pretty good French, but he is living in a perfectly situated apartment with large rooms, fully equipped kitchen, beautiful views, and two lovely French flatmates. Just THINK how good his French will be in a month, let alone 5! All of this has cost Peter far less than Uni accommodation would have. Perhaps it is just luck of the draw, but it seems to me that Peter and Mimi have both struck gold through living in shared apartments. (It doesn’t worry me a great deal though, it will only make me more keen to get out there and meet more French people.)"

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The CAF is confusing. Here are two great articles about what it is: Accommodation in France: Understanding the CAF Administration Initiation: coping with the CAF in France

For 20% off the booking fee for your accommodation abroad, visit and use code THIRDYEARABROAD :)

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