Spectacular Salamanca

Spectacular Salamanca Students in the Sun by Jolyon Leonard

This article was written by Sarah Hutchings, published on 13th July 2010 and has been read 4733 times.

Salamanca, Spain - stunning, beautiful, homely, hot, quaint I spent last summer in Salamanca and it is genuinely the most beautiful place I have ever visited. I studied in the University which is in a stunning building in itself situated next to the cathedral. Small, quaint, gorgeous winding roads line the centre of Salamanca with tapas bars, shops and restaurants aplenty. In summer, Salamanca can easily reach 40C so the outdoor pool located on the other side of the River Tormes is a must. The small gardens next to the Cathedral are relatively unknown and hidden away through a secret garden-esque gate. They open you up to some stunning views of the city, as well as a quiet retreat where locals play guitars. As a city overtaken by uni students, it is unquestionable that Salamanca has become a destination for nightlife. Not so much to do with clubs, but with the different bars and the famed Irish Rover that hosts different nights with themes from around the world. The Chupitería is a popular bar offering a wide range of inventive shots for €1. Throughout my time in Salamanca I could not get over the stunning buildings that line the city. Sandstone and intricate details are common features of all buildings and the blue skies and colourful flowers provide a gorgeous backdrop to a quaint, typically Spanish city.
Useful local words: 'Universidad', 'piscina', 'chupitería'.
What not to pack: Dressy-up clothes or heels.
What to pack: Camera!! Salamanca is the most beautiful place I have ever been to!! The architecture of the buildings is incredible.
Couldn't have done without: My camera definitely!
Word of advice: I only spent the summer there however I imagine after a year there it could become a bit small.

Sarah Hutchings, Europeans Politics, Leeds University

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