Spanish practice online

Spanish practice online Hola luz - Oh, la luz by soyignatius

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 26th March 2010 and has been read 6327 times.

If you're planning your year abroad and want to brush up on your Spanish skills at no extra cost, how about practising online with a native speaker? There are many websites dedicated to connecting people from different countries, as well as offering exercises to improve your skills, language games and other ways to while away the hours while subconsciously thinking in Spanish...
Livemocha language lessons including reading, writing and speaking exercises, with courses for every skill level. The BBC website offers good material for beginners and make sure you sign up to their weekly email tips to hoen your language skills! The Cervantes Institute offers an array of learning materials for Spanish learners, with some fun quizzes, information on cultural events, online dictionaries and much more. Study Spanish is an impressive site, providing online exercises for reading and writing. A good revision tool to have! Don Quijote offers quite a few language games to keep you on your (linguistic) toes, as well as information about courses, quizzes and much more... Practice makes perfect - more ways to learn languages online.

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