Spanish Flamenco by molas

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Fascinating Facts 1. There are four official languages in Spain: Castilian, Catalan, Basque and Galician.2. Approximately 5.8% of Internet users speak Spanish, making it the 4th most common language in the Internet community.3. The Hispanic world has brought the world many traditional and intercultural dances: Flamenco (inspired by Gypsy and Andalucian cultures), Salsa (Latin American), Merengue (Hispano-African) and Mambo (Afro-Cuban) to name but a few!4. Although predominantly Catholic, Spain agreed to same sex marriages all the way back in 2006.5. The word ‘chocolate’ is originally from the Mexican indigenous Nahuatl, later being adopted by languages worldwide.6. Spanish is the second most used language in international communication, as well as being an official language of the UN and its organizations.7. Spain is the only country in the world to have a festival dedicated to the tomato: La Tomatina.8. It is widely claimed that the word 'gringo' came into the language as a result of the American marines singing ‘Green grow the lilacs grow...’. Opinions differ though! Sign up to receive a Spanish Word of the Day via email! Spanish language-learning resources from Collins Get the lowdown from students who have spent their year abroad in Spanish-speaking places. Go to our Spain section for more information about the country. Find the places to practice your Spanish skills online.

Top 10 UK Universities for Spanish*

1. Cambridge
2. Durham
3. Oxford
4. St. Andrew's
5. Edinburgh
6. UCL
7. Bath
8. Southampton
9. Nottingham
10. Kings College London

*According to the Complete University Guide 2010

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