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Churros y chocolate, Franco, castanets, Almodóvar, party beaches, Dalí, Tapas, Moorish architecture, Flamenco, torreadores... and the list goes on. Spain is a country like no other, breathing passion and true Latin spirit from coast to coast, mountain to beach and throughout the culturally diverse cities in between! Read reviews by students who spent their year abroad in Spanish-speaking countries Find out everything you need to know for your year abroad in Spain Extracurricular courses and classes you can do Living in Spain: things you need to know Culture shock in Spain Spanish red tape: the NIE explained Studying in Spain: A University Survival Guide Spanish language learning resources
Why should I choose Spain for my year abroad?
Greeting the Cartegenians, Visigoths and the Moors through the ages, as well as Spain's European neighbours, the ham-shaped country has been seared silly with cultural marks, making it top dog for UNESCO World Heritage Sites (holding a cool 40 sites to its name). No wonder so many foreigners flock to the Iberian Peninsula each year, either to spend a relaxing weekend feasting on the finger-licking food, a couple of weeks exploring the plains and mountains, or even setting up camp in the country for as long as possible, to enjoy its siestas and sunshine.

Offering more than any tourist could wish for in terms of unabridged coastline, lashings of culture, sensual and mystifying local music, as well as a vibrant nightlife, the country that brought us Dalí, Buñuel and, lest we forget, Las Ketchup, has been a hotspot for expats from all parts of the world. So pack up your best dancing shoes and get living the vida loca in the land of jamón Serranoand acoustic guitars!

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