Scandinavia Friendly Viking by Fenchurch

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 16th August 2010 and has been read 9348 times.

Geysers. Volcanoes. H&M. Salmon Gravalax. Nokia. Juniper Berries. ABBA. Weird fruity buns. Lakes. Björk. These are just a few of the things present in the Scandinavian quintet (strictly speaking, just Norway, Sweden and Denmark - we’ve included Iceland and Finland too). The largest part of Europe, yet the least densely populated - the population here merely comes up to a meagre 4% of the continent’s inhabitants. And we all know what that means...
That means beautiful towns (Stockholm and Copenhagen are both battling out for 'Capital of Scandinavia' title - it’s a tough choice, thanks to their beauty, eccentricities and atmosphere), yet paradoxically, streams and streams of uninhabited, unabridged and unspoilt countryside. A panorama you could easily get lost in, with vast lakes, golden fields and a few hot spurs in between.

Yet it’s not just the lush surroundings, nor the hip and happening towns that bring in just the right amount of tourism here. A high level of organisation, low level of corruption and great liberalism make this part of Europe just that little more special, that little more  modern, and let’s just be frank, that little more captivating. Latitude may play a part - in some parts, round the North, you’ll experience dreamy nights in the summer, when the sun sets around 12AM, giving you the chance to really make the most of your days. The climate here’s pretty fair, too, which is at odds with its geographic location, yet don’t be fooled - as you enter mountain territory, temperatures can drop to well below 3 degrees. Languages between the countries are all pretty closely related and mutually intelligible, to a certain extent, which makes travelling through various parts quite easy and hassle-free, compared to other European nations. 

So whether you’re keen to relax in a hot spring in Iceland, see the mesmerizing Northern Lights (and not just read Pullman’s trilogy...), experience the Arctic or fancy a shot of schnapps to warm the insides, Scandinavia’s got more pull than a giant seabass on a dodgy fishing rod. 

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