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Paris, France - amazing, beautiful, difficult, lively, worth it  What a great city - loads of places to go and a really fab atmosphere. As it’s notoriously hard to make French friends, you should consider joining a club or dance studio or getting a hobby to meet people.  I visited Chartres, Alençon, Marne-la-Vallée and Fontainebleau while I was there – Paris is obviously fantastically-connected when it comes to travel, so take full advantage of this opportunity!  When it comes to the great uni v job debate, working really forces you to improve your language and produces the best results by far, plus it is an extra bonus for your CV – definitely something to consider.

Useful local words: 'Pause-café', 'ça marche'.

What not to pack: A bad mood.

What to pack: Smart work clothes.

Couldn’t have done without: Pass Metro Navigo, my bank account or internet access.

Word of advice: Mind your manners at work; it's commonplace to greet everyone with a 'bonjour' and a 'bonne soirée'.

EH, Combined Honours, Newcastle University

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