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Nestled on the shoulder of Spain, Portugal was once the little known secret of sun-worshipping holidayers, thanks to its relaxed vibe, gorgeous coastline and picturesque fishermen’s villages. Now, not that much has changed - the Algarve coast plays host to many travellers looking for some sun and natural beauty. For the year abroader, Portugal couldn’t be more charming. Sure, you might have to deal with a few holiday-makers over the summer months, but that could help you get work experience in tourism; for those looking to study, you couldn’t ask for prettier cities than Lisbon, Coimra and Porto, all with fantastic universities and a vibrant nightlife...
Why shoud I choose Portugal for my year abroad?
If you’re looking for a place that boasts traditional culture as well as contemporary European panache, Portugal is the place to go. Towns and cities thrive on their young and carefree atmosphere, with bars, clubs and student cafés popular with university students. The coast, never more than 3 hours away, offers a chance to relax and make the most of the pretty beaches, with Lagos and Albufeira once home to Moorish settlers and forever respected by nature-lovers. Party-goers will look forward to setting up camp in the capital, Lisbon, and joining in the hedonistic crowds for some fun nights out on the town.

Coimbra, thanks to its famous university, brings in hundreds of Erasmus students each year. The town, offering a beautiful mix of medieval architecture and modern café culture, is also known as Portugal’s answer to Oxford in the UK. Working abroad in Portugal can bring great rewards, for those interested in teaching and tourism, though other work is available to university students through organisations like the Leonardo scheme. Whether you choose to work or study, one thing is for sure: though not as grand as its cousin Brazil, Portugal will charm, entice and remain a firm favourite with year abroad students, past and present, for its natural landscape, historic feats and party atmosphere. A truly Latin experience, at its very best.

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