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Preppy Paris Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris by Slightlynorth

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Paris, France - attractive, busy, smelly, exciting, lovable  Although it was a struggle at first and I had to make a big effort, once I had made friends it was great and there were loads of things to do around the city and nearby places to visit.  I travelled most weekends, to Clermont Ferrand, Grenoble, Annecy, Montpellier, Carcassonne, Perpignan, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg, Colmar and to Spain to visit other teaching assistants.  Make the most of your year abroad and never say no! Take every opportunity, even if it would put you out of your comfort zone - it is the way to meet people and have incredible experiences.

Useful local words: ‘N'importe quoi’, ‘en fait’, ‘bordel’.

What not to pack:Flip-flops (you won't see Parisians walking about in these...).

What to pack: Tea! The French just don't have the same blends.

Couldn't have done without:  Metro NAVIGO pass, 12-25 card for long distance travel, laptop.

Word of advice: Don't be put off by the uppetty-ness of Parisians; once you get chatting to them, they are friendly people!

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