Paperwork, to-do-lists and a very hyped up girl heading for Berlin soon!

Paperwork, to-do-lists and a very hyped up girl heading for Berlin soon!

This article was written by Alexia Cowley, published on 6th September 2014 and has been read 16501 times.

So... I can't believe i'm actually writing my first blog entry for Global Graduates! With only a few weeks now until I fly the nest for Berlin, I thought i'd give myself (and you, you lucky devils!) a flavour of what's to come! Who would've thought how much there is to physically and mentally prepare for?!

Everything is pretty much set in stone now - e.g. the mountains of ongoing documents, form filling... even the flight ticket! Quite honestly, I have absolutely no idea what to expect as I've never been to Berlin specifically, but I've been thinking about what's to come and what is in store, for so long now, hype!!! And a large culture shock for sure!

Now that I've gone through the initial motions and everything's more or less ready to go, I can but try and sit back, relax, and make the most of home with some emotional goodbyes in the upcoming couple of weeks! I know it's not forever, but a year abroad is sehr lang! - 'very long' for those of you who stick to the English language ;) And I'm ridiculously excited to see what halls has got to offer me! (yep, for the 3rd time, no regrets!)

Not gonna lie, the fact I haven't read or spoken German "properly" in what will be 3 months is extremely disconcerting! (yes this includes that one time in Jersey having that hideously long convo involving a hurting-your-cheeks -because -you're- smiling- because -you- don't -get -the -full convo- bus journey with some lovely old German ladies is not reassuring). Anyway... I'm hoping German will flood back to me like the lyrics of an excellent rap song on a night out... I can but dream!

Another huge issue I must come to terms with, is my 20kg of suitcase allowance, like wtf can I actually do with this? I may as well just go over there without a wardrobe because I'm sure a towel would weigh about 5kg lol!

Anyway, for now, it's just making the most of the last weeks I have left here! And of course the big running day on the 28th of Sept (2 days before I fly out) yes I know, cutting it fine on time all things being equal!

Well, this is just a flava of my many blogs to come for when i'm abroad! :)

Big love to all of you reading this, dankeschoen! <3

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